Sunday, July 12, 2009

get up you maggots.

Hello again. Soooo I was called to set for a second scene last week. Again, out of respect for everyone there on set, details are kept to a bare minimum. BUT it was more amazing than the first day. It was a more intimate scene with Kristen and Tammy. Dakota wasnt on set that day.
I will say I tripped Kristen I think about two times. haha. I didnt mean to but we were in close quarters for the scene that was filmed and I was spread out on the floor. She called me a maggot. You'll see why when you see the movie...Hopefully... meaning I hope I dont end up on the editing room floor. haha. I literally was sitting between her and Tammy for an hour getting my hair done, which was different compared to other days where I was separate and I have no idea why it changed. So ya, thats enough details.

and to Mr. Hilton, the scene where she was "lip synching" the song I love playing with fire was filmed so many times for angles and different shots NOT because she couldnt sing. I heard her actually singing and she can wale. So... there.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love playing with fire.

Update: fri. 6/26 Because of all the attention this blog received, not to mention being quoted on, I thought it was best to take down the pictures. This is why I REALLY didnt want to say anything personal? You totally understand :] But I went on another call today for the movie so maaaaaybe you'll be getting lots more news ;]

I woke up today and did not expect the amount of messages I received about Kristen Stewart. I just want to say this, I feel bad for her and what she has to go though on a daily basis. There were dozens of paparazzi waiting to attack her all day and she couldnt even walk around without being covered. So in respect of that I dont want to get into every detail of her but I do want to say is it was pretty surreal to be in the same room, let alone 3 feet from her and that she really kicks ass as Joan Jett. She was very into her roll and she is a very very professional actress.
So yes thats it :]
But yesterday was a blast. I listened to her sing "I love playing with fire" about 55 times. The girls in her band were very nice and very cool. Joan Jett was also there hanging out and giving rocking out tips all day. It was pretty amazing to see Kristen right next to Joan. She looked just like her.
I rollerskated my butt off for 8 hours ( at the world on wheels rollerskating rank in La, not the safest looking place in the world ) and "had" (haha I was paid to kiss my boyfriend, such hard work ) to kiss my boyfriend about 15 times. It was a long day and make up and hair and wardrobe took about 3-4 hours. The rollerskating rank was piled with fake trash and fake band flyers and was a little tough to skate through. Luckily, hardly anyone fell. The girls in the band played until about 10 at night and we continued to film until midnight.
Ive also been asked how I was involved. I was told about the audition through a friend who knew they were looking for "punk rock" girls for the movie and said he obviously thought of me. I went and was called. Nothing crazy, no lines or anything like that for now ( although that would be very rad! )Ive only done one day but could be called for more. I'll def twitter about that as it happens. It was really amazing though to get to watch it all happen and actually be there and just that in itself was amazing enough for sure.
Keep those fingers crossed though!
I posted some pictures from the set but thats it due to respect for other people. Thats the set where the girls were playing with the band where we were. Behind that was the scene we filmed. The others are of Brad (my bf) getting ready. The last one is Kristens chair.
So hope that satisfies everyone "Kristen" interests.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Idol, Yacht rides and La. Oh my!

So sorry it has been while since my last post. Crazy times are becoming crazier. I am still currently in the process of pre-production for this next record. Whats amazing about this record this time around is I have full creative control! So this record is going to be more me than ever. Im already loving it! Last tue I got to sit in on an American Idol dress rehearsal with my bf and my fam. We hung out in La at the grove and the farmers market. It was so cool! I wish we had a farmers market like that here in Oc. Matt was completely checking out my someday sister in law and Adam and I kept catching eyes. He might have been checking out my bf tho Im not sure. They were so amazing live! I couldnt get over how small that stage really is! They make it look huge on TV! I was SO surprised.
Besides spending all of my time writing and recording, I somehow ended up spending a really rad day in Newport with all my friends. We had lunch at Club 3 30 and hopped on our friend Caseys yacht for a ride around Huntington and Newport. It was my first time on a yacht! Then we rolled up to Joes Crab Shack straight from the water, scaled the fence and hung out for the rest of the night.
Today I am going back to work and finishing writing. There are 10 songs now! I cant believe it. Im halfway to my goal of 20!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another random La Invasion

So today I am recovering from another random night in La. It started out like any other night, except it was Russ's 23rd Bday, it started with gathering at our own studio ( Eugenius Studios ) in San Dimas. Our friends came out and we played them some of my new music which got an amazing response. My friends always tell me if something sucks so I know I can trust their judgement. Then we wanted Thai Food. We crammed into my boyfriends car, all 7 of us and sometime shortly after decided on sushi.

One of the guys there with us was my great friend Jarred, who sings in Daylight West (check them out! ) Its never a normal night if Jarred is there. He starts ordering drinks and thats where it started. Jarred surprised us all with a Limo. And where do you go in a Limo? Hollywood of course! So we picked up some more friends to head out with us. But what does one do on a monday night in Hollywood?

We thought about The Roxy and we thought about Hyde. It was Eugene (engineering wizard and producer of new years day ) who said "Lets call the guys at the Bombshelter and see whats going on." So we call and oh no big deal, Stone Temple Pilots are in there doing their record right now come on by" We picked up all the guys from Bombshelter in the Limo in the seach of some good mexican food at 2 in the morning, ending up somewhere on 17th street in downtown La. I saw my first drug deal go down, scary. The rest of the night was just hanging out, wii bowling with Scott Wielands mii and pool. What an amazing night. I love life.

ps. somehow I am a scream queen finalist for the fangoria horror convention now, how did that happen? hahahaha.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

let them eat cake she says...

So today I drove down (not far ) to Steve Evetts studio right here in my home town. Its so rare to go to an amazing studio thats NOT in La. His list of bands is pretty rad. For example, he is responsible for Every Time I Die, A Static Lullaby, Story of the Year, Saves the Day, Homegrown, the list does go on. He got in touch with me to do some vocals on a new up and coming band he is producing called Later Days.

I will admit I am a jaded music lover. I hear A LOT of bands and it takes something really awesome and different to get my ears interested in hearing more. This band has some AMAZINGLY FUN new music. I mean FUN! Its dancey but in your face and rock! Its a blast and you will be hearing more from them soon for sure.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

after all, youre my wonderwall...

Last month my friends and I all went out to the Pirate Adventure Dinner! It was SO fun! Of course, my bf and I were the only ones dressed up!

I can not believe its March already! Holy Moly. I have a lot lined up this month. Besides writing for a new record, I got a call from Steve Evetts (producer/engineer of saves the day, story of the year, homegrown, a static lullaby, he is legend, everytime I die, Alesana, the list goes on and on! ) to sing on a record for a new band he is working with called Days Later. I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth pulled that week, oh well, I am going to have to push it back AGAIN! Then I have a meeting at the Magic Castle in La ( so excited! Ive never been there! )You can only get in by invitation. Hopefully I will have more to tell about that soon!

Today is a lazy day. Im still in my pjs and just have errands to run. Sephora here I come! I am in serious need of bare minerals. Im almost out!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

oh my goth!

Ash Costello oh my goth!
Ash Costello oh my goth! - by Bats on

I get asked where I buy my clothes A LOT! Its even on the questions page on Theres actually a "where does Ash Costello get her clothes?" thread. So here is my answer to everyone who asks me...

So If you click on this picture, it will take you to a site that will list everything in the picture and where exactly to buy each item and how much it costs! How rad is that!? I'll be doing these every two weeks.