Sunday, July 12, 2009

get up you maggots.

Hello again. Soooo I was called to set for a second scene last week. Again, out of respect for everyone there on set, details are kept to a bare minimum. BUT it was more amazing than the first day. It was a more intimate scene with Kristen and Tammy. Dakota wasnt on set that day.
I will say I tripped Kristen I think about two times. haha. I didnt mean to but we were in close quarters for the scene that was filmed and I was spread out on the floor. She called me a maggot. You'll see why when you see the movie...Hopefully... meaning I hope I dont end up on the editing room floor. haha. I literally was sitting between her and Tammy for an hour getting my hair done, which was different compared to other days where I was separate and I have no idea why it changed. So ya, thats enough details.

and to Mr. Hilton, the scene where she was "lip synching" the song I love playing with fire was filmed so many times for angles and different shots NOT because she couldnt sing. I heard her actually singing and she can wale. So... there.