Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another random La Invasion

So today I am recovering from another random night in La. It started out like any other night, except it was Russ's 23rd Bday, it started with gathering at our own studio ( Eugenius Studios ) in San Dimas. Our friends came out and we played them some of my new music which got an amazing response. My friends always tell me if something sucks so I know I can trust their judgement. Then we wanted Thai Food. We crammed into my boyfriends car, all 7 of us and sometime shortly after decided on sushi.

One of the guys there with us was my great friend Jarred, who sings in Daylight West (check them out! ) Its never a normal night if Jarred is there. He starts ordering drinks and thats where it started. Jarred surprised us all with a Limo. And where do you go in a Limo? Hollywood of course! So we picked up some more friends to head out with us. But what does one do on a monday night in Hollywood?

We thought about The Roxy and we thought about Hyde. It was Eugene (engineering wizard and producer of new years day ) who said "Lets call the guys at the Bombshelter and see whats going on." So we call and oh no big deal, Stone Temple Pilots are in there doing their record right now come on by" We picked up all the guys from Bombshelter in the Limo in the seach of some good mexican food at 2 in the morning, ending up somewhere on 17th street in downtown La. I saw my first drug deal go down, scary. The rest of the night was just hanging out, wii bowling with Scott Wielands mii and pool. What an amazing night. I love life.

ps. somehow I am a scream queen finalist for the fangoria horror convention now, how did that happen? hahahaha.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

let them eat cake she says...

So today I drove down (not far ) to Steve Evetts studio right here in my home town. Its so rare to go to an amazing studio thats NOT in La. His list of bands is pretty rad. For example, he is responsible for Every Time I Die, A Static Lullaby, Story of the Year, Saves the Day, Homegrown, the list does go on. He got in touch with me to do some vocals on a new up and coming band he is producing called Later Days.

I will admit I am a jaded music lover. I hear A LOT of bands and it takes something really awesome and different to get my ears interested in hearing more. This band has some AMAZINGLY FUN new music. I mean FUN! Its dancey but in your face and rock! Its a blast and you will be hearing more from them soon for sure.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

after all, youre my wonderwall...

Last month my friends and I all went out to the Pirate Adventure Dinner! It was SO fun! Of course, my bf and I were the only ones dressed up!

I can not believe its March already! Holy Moly. I have a lot lined up this month. Besides writing for a new record, I got a call from Steve Evetts (producer/engineer of saves the day, story of the year, homegrown, a static lullaby, he is legend, everytime I die, Alesana, the list goes on and on! ) to sing on a record for a new band he is working with called Days Later. I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth pulled that week, oh well, I am going to have to push it back AGAIN! Then I have a meeting at the Magic Castle in La ( so excited! Ive never been there! )You can only get in by invitation. Hopefully I will have more to tell about that soon!

Today is a lazy day. Im still in my pjs and just have errands to run. Sephora here I come! I am in serious need of bare minerals. Im almost out!